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Sea Change Design Process
Your Challenges

Our interdisciplinary purpose

The Sea Change Design Consortium is an association of seasoned consultants who are committed to surfacing viable solutions to the serious economic, social, and environmental challenges we face today. Our collective intention is to design a life-enhancing world that ensures our future is worth inheriting. We seek and attract clients working on complex or cross-sector issues, including corporations, non-profit organizations, governments, NGOs, and academia. Together, we partner to envision, innovate, and act in with the broadest possible impact.

Each Consortium member combines mastery in their own area of expertise with a working knowledge of the Sea Change Design Process. By engaging on individual, organizational, and global levels, we generate sea changes: positive, profound, and lasting transformations. The Consortium offers a rich mix of talent and experience in disciplines including design thinking, business strategy, design research, brand, public relations and marketing strategy, interactivity and technology, organizational development, and sustainability.

Our core premise

Based on our collective experiences over many years, we believe that design is uniquely suited to help solve a wide range of challenges, some far outside the purview of traditional design. That's because we define design differently. We assert that design is the conscious planning of meaningful acts that influence our relationship to humanity, the future, the sacred, and the natural world. So, whether your challenges concern strategy, people, or the creation of artifacts and experiences, we can help you design robust and resilient connections to what truly matters.

Not business as usual

Today's formidable challenges require the combined experience and honed skills of people from wildly differing fields of expertise. Strong bonds need to be forged, connecting business with sustainability, science and industry with health and psychology, politics with human rights, and communications with technology.

It is unlikely that all these people will be found in one place, or that their distinct approaches will quickly converge to maximize truly effective collaborations. Typically, individual experts or firms are assembled to work in either a sequential, linear fashion or to work closely together from the get go, requiring considerable time be invested in establishing common ground. Either way, it is often difficult to generate a shared, cohesive body of knowledge that can be created, applied, and enriched as the project progresses to completion. We offer you a better alternative.


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