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In passionate pursuit

If there is one noteworthy theme that weaves itself consistently throughout the course of Lauralee's career, it would be her commitment to use design to connect, inspire, and enliven people. Recognized as "a champion of the human spirit," Lauralee expresses this insatiable passion in all aspects of her work, from consulting, coaching, and speaking to design and writing.

Over the past 25 years, Lauralee Alben has become known for bringing human values to the forefront in the fields of design and technology. Well respected as a thought leader and pioneer in the emerging practice of interactive media, Lauralee is now committed to defining a new role for design in helping to solve the formidable economic, social, and environmental issues we face today. Lauralee is the president of Alben Design and the founder of the Sea Change Design Consortium.

Lauralee coaches executives in leading change and innovation congruent with their own and their organization's deepest values. She also frequently gives keynote addresses and workshops to corporations and professional conferences, promoting the value design brings to business. Because of her commitment to bridge the professional and academic worlds, Lauralee has lectured at many schools and universities. In the mid 90's, Lauralee served as an evaluator for two industry initiatives designed to create alliances between design professionals and students from schools around the world: Apple Computer's Design Project and Interval Research Corporation's University Workshop.

Recognition and published work

In 1997, Lauralee was selected by the Design Management Institute as the first recipient of the prestigious Muriel Cooper Prize, for showing original thinking, future promise, and spirit of exploration in the digital environment. Included in I.D. Magazine's "I.D. Forty," Lauralee was chosen as "one of the most important design innovators from the West Coast."

Lauralee's articles have appeared in many computer, design and business publications. The Design Management Journal has published several, including "Navigating a Sea Change" and the inspiring series of design stories called, "At the heart of interaction design". While serving as an advisor and juror for the ACM Interactions Awards Committee, Lauralee wrote the landmark article, "Quality of experience: Criteria for interaction design." Her design work has appeared in I.D. Magazine, Communication Arts, HOW, and at SIGGRAPH and CHI. She is currently working on a book called "Designing a Life Worth Living."

The AlbenFaris years

For sixteen years, until 2000, Lauralee was a principal of AlbenFaris Inc., a firm that specialized in the design of interactive experiences for clients including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Apple, IBM, Netscape, and SONY. AlbenFaris created designed brands, web sites, multimedia titles, software applications, interactive television and other emerging technologies. A noteworthy brand that AlbenFaris designed for Apple Computer is the well known identity for the Mac OS, the Macintosh operating system.

The formative career years

Prior to AlbenFaris, Lauralee served as Senior Designer and Project Director at Siegel & Gale in New York where she was involved with corporate identity programs for General Accident Insurance, The Rockefeller Group, Mellon Bank and TRW. Her international experience includes work for Henrion Design Associates International (now Henrion, Ludlow and Schmidt) in London, where she contributed to identity programs for Coopers & Lybrand, KLM Airlines, French Kier (an English construction firm) and Vorwerk (a German conglomerate).

The spark

Lauralee received a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design in 1977. As a RISD European Honors student, she continued her studies at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel, Switzerland, where in 1979, she earned a masters equivalent in graphic design and film animation.

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