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Enabling Infinite Innovation
Procter & Gamble

In business, the next wave is forming as the Knowledge Economy recedes into the commodity sea. It's called the Design Economy (or the Creative Economy) and its currency is innovation. How to inspire ideas and harness innovation is rapidly becoming the most critical topic in corporations hungry for consumer insights and employee incentives.

A pioneer of the Design Economy, Lauralee Alben consults with some of the world's most innovative companies including Apple Computer and Procter & Gamble. She shares her experiences on the leading edge where design sensibility and strategy are applied to the entire continuum that reaches from deep inside an organization to the world outside.

Lauralee takes us far beyond the concepts of cool products and into the creation of design cultures immersed in Deep Innovation SM. In these thriving organizations, employees drive a continual flow of creativity from their deepest desires to the surface, producing breakthroughs on a sustainable basis. These companies stand out in stark contrast from those in survival, a stagnant state that typically results in flat business results due to minimal personal investment focused on short term return.

By giving us an integrated view into what makes business and people grow, we are presented with the possibility that design can give us access to something even more valuable than profit and productivity. It can lead us to what is profound and meaningful in our work and in the world.

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