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Procter & Gamble
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Our lives are shaped by deeply defining moments. Moments that give us a chance to look closely at who we are and who we need to become to rise to the challenge. Through the lens of the Sea Change Design Process, Lauralee Alben offers us insightful parables about what it takes to bring about positive, profound, and lasting change in our lives, organizations, and the world.

A pioneer in interactive design, Lauralee Alben now extends the power of design into everyday human activities, illuminating the hidden realms of the intellect, heart, and soul. She presents the courageous stories of ordinary people who took extraordinary leaps of faith in themselves—and designed lives worth living.

You'll meet Richard Bresnahan, a revered potter who integrates his art into the very fabric of his life, family, community, and the earth.

You'll visit corporate America, and the defining moment of Martin Murray, an R&D Director at Procter & Gamble, who inspired innovation in business and his organization.

And you'll witness the birth of the watery legacy of Silicon Valley legend, David Packard, and the enthralling effect of the Monterey Bay Aquarium upon millions.

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