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Ripple Synthesis
Sea Change Stories

Drop a pebble into water; skip a flat, smooth stone across a stream; watch rain pellet the surface of the ocean. The ripples that form from these actions produce a familiar effect. It is common wisdom that every action causes another, which causes another, and another. Every single action each of us takes affects untold others. We all know this principle. Whether we are conscious of it, and whether we choose to act on it at any given moment, is another matter.

What happens when we design a ripple effect before we act? Ripples, originating from tangible and intangible artifacts, extend outward in ever-widening, concentric circles. They influence our feelings, thinking, ethics, and worldviews, which in turn affect our shared beliefs and practices. Expressed in culture, the ways in which we come together in communities, organizations, social systems, and countries affect our planet. Global events, both societal and environmental, send repercussions back around again, forming circular patterns of cause and effect that influence what and how we design.

Here you'll find a diverse collection of design stories about the ripple effects generating from virtual and watery habitats, best-selling products, and "Old Glory," the quintessential American icon. We will be updating this periodically.

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