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Addressing the big issues

The Sea Change Design Process is an innovative approach that can help you find evocative and effective solutions to the critical challenges facing you today. Consistently and broadly applied, Sea Change creates profound and sustainable results congruent with your own and your organization's deepest values.

Far different than the approaches currently used in strategic thinking, organizational development, and product generation, Sea Change uses a design sensibility and proprietary techniques uniquely suited to addressing the diverse challenges of our modern condition—economic and political uncertainty, the development of new technologies at a blistering pace; alienation combined, paradoxically, with interdependence; and environmental degradation. Sea Change is designed to help you balance, and even embrace, chaos, complexity, conflict, and constant change.

Where are the solutions?

We don't have the answers, but we do know how to help you form the key questions that will allow you see differently, gain new perspectives and insights, and discover viable and surprising ideas.

By adding our expertise to yours, we use Sea Change to complement traditional techniques used in many areas of expertise, and to leverage existing structures and systems. The Sea Change Design Model uses a contextual, relationship-based approach to solving challenges in an integrated fashion. The advantage to our holistic approach is this: the answers we discover together are systemic solutions that address root causes instead of superficial symptoms. As a result, you'll find yourself strategizing, collaborating, and innovating faster, with less effort, and more vitality.

Drawing upon a wisdom 4 billion years old

At the core of our Process is the Sea Change Design Model, based on the natural, living system of the ocean. This provides a visual metaphor that allows you to shift your mindset from your every day circumstances and map your challenge into a fluid structure that is both familiar and inspiring.

The model consists of four cycles: Intention, Context, Relationship, and Flow. These are briefly described in this section, along with an explanation of the value that design brings to the process.

Setting out to create a sustainable sea change

The Sea Change Design Process consists of four sequential phases: Orientation, Discovery, Vision and Creation. Each phase serves a specific purpose and provides valuable results, however, if your intention is to create a sea change, we recommend you commit to the entire process. It can be scaled and customized to fit your needs, resources and time requirements. To make it simple, we've created three offerings: Scan, Sounding, and Journey, to help you match your challenge with our process.

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