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Sea Change Design Process
Sea Change Design Model

Phasing in a sea change

Together, we clearly state and scope your presenting challenge and the intent of the project.

Deliverable: Sea Change Intention

We work with you to develop the fullest possible awareness of the general conditions, influences, and deep human values that form the context of your challenge, by looking at both your organization's history and current state.

Deliverable: Sea Change Challenge Definition

We help you identify the key relationships that can create “self-sustaining currents of influences." We envision multiple courses of action that can create these key influences. We develop a detailed picture of the desired future state and a plan of action.

Deliverable: Sea Change Strategy

We design and implement the plan of action in a fashion that is iterative, feedback-sensitive, timely, and cost-effective. The outcome of the Creation phase is a "flow"—new energy that creates sustainable, felicitous results, new ideas for future actions, and broad and a deep impact on the world.

Deliverable: Sea Change Action

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