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From metaphor to momentum

The Sea Change Model is based on a living system—the winds of the atmosphere, the surface of the ocean and its flowing currents, and the circulating deep water below the surface. It serves as a fluid framework, giving you a integrated way to map all the facets of your challenge into one, dynamic whole.

On a purely theoretical level, the living system of the ocean provides you with an easily understandable example of concepts based in design, systems thinking, deep ecology, and their application to business, society, and the environment. This is a very different approach from the reductive, analytical, mechanistic paradigm of the past four hundred years. Instead, this model promotes a holistic worldview based on the interconnected and interdependent nature of all phenomenon.

On a tangible level, the ocean is an ancient and timeless archetype expressed universally in all art forms, legends, and myths. It is the last, largely unknown frontier on our planet, providing us with sustenance and directly linking to our survival. It captures our imagination with its mystery, beauty, and majesty, and serves in this model, as a metaphor, illuminating the design of our human experience.

The metaphor translates into concrete action as you examine the flow of results you currently produce or intend to produce in terms of  economic prosperity, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and design integrity. We approach these as top line strategies, rather than as a part of the triple bottom line strategies found in the sustainability reporting requirements adopted by many businesses today.

In each phase of the Sea Change Design Process, the model sets your challenge within a different time frame: past, present, and future. As you move the through the four core cycles of the model: Intention, Context, Relationship, and Flow, you will understand and solve your challenge from totally new perspectives.
The ripple effect

A core tenet of the model is the ripple effect—the influences and consequences of actions and artifacts on individuals, business, culture, and the natural world over time. We've developed a specific tool to help you better understand and leverage the impact of your products, processes, services, or environments, called the RIpple Synthesis.

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