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Do you need to figure out how to negotiate the waters you're already in?
Or scan the horizon to prepare for what's up ahead?

If you are facing a relatively simple situation, involved in an isolated event, or need an overview of a complex situation, the Sea Change Scan is ideal.

Our focus is on helping you gain general awareness and insights into what's happening, fast. Through a combination of our services: consulting, Sea Change Model workshops, and design, we will develop a general mapping of the circumstances, influences and deep human values that are forming the context of your challenge.
Discovery Phase

You give us an ad hoc group of invested individuals who know the challenge inside and out, and we'll work intensively with them to synthesize and sum up the situation in a glance.

We've used the Sea Change Scan successfully to help organizations outline new initiatives, rescue shipwrecked teams, solve in-market crises, and assess the impact of products and services, to name a few. This approach also forms the basis of the Ripple Synthesis.(SM)

Deliverable: Sea Change Challenge Scan


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