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Ripple Stories

A clear view

The alphabet, the wheel, the telescope—people have been designing things for a very long time. Today, the design of artifacts is an acknowledged and valued part of our lives. Our post-industrial society has built many successful ventures based on the business of artifacts, from soap to software.

Often products are strategically developed, launched, and leveraged. At other times, ideas or initiatives are thrust into the world on a bet or a prayer. Either way, it is often easy to lose track of both the details and the big picture; and difficult to measure results beyond the obvious economic ones.

The Ripple Synthesis gives you a way to holistically map the influence of an artifact (product, service, system, environment, or message) upon consumers, your business, world society, and the environment. It provides you with a strategic tool to forecast new business initiatives before product development efforts begin. Or you can use it as a method to assess the effectiveness and impact of your product in the current marketplace and beyond.

Culled from the Sea Change Design Process, this approach is based on the proprietary technique called Rippling (SM). It is a stand alone offering that involves research and synthesis to the breadth and depth you desire. The Ripple Synthesis results in a series of carefully articulated diagrams or visualizations, that clearly communicate your ripple effect. For a brief overview of this approach, take a look at some Ripple Stories.

While developing a Ripple Synthesis, we often uncover surprising and pivotal connections that produce significant changes in course and behaviors. Here are some results we have produced:

  • enhanced business strategies that make explicit the "fit" and interconnections between products and technologies,

  • new ideas for products, services, and environments,

  • research and visualization of brand and product legacies,

  • novel approaches to R&D initiatives and processes,

  • new positioning of and improvements to existing products,

  • synthesis of the relationship between consumer benefits and product performance,

  • definitions of interactions that create successful customer experiences,

  • identification of "currents" that produce iterative solutions, feedback loops, and cost-effectiveness,

  • analysis of the implications and consequences of actions and artifacts, over time.

Your ripple effect

Are you aware of the true ripple effect generating from your products, services, and environments? How well are you capturing and utilizing the new ideas and valuable feedback that returns to you?

Design's potential extends far beyond the tangible realm. Design creates vast currents, originating from every product, service and environment that we interact with. Its influence is evidenced in our behaviors, thoughts and values; in the ceremonies and codes of our cultures; and in the integrity and viability of our planet. And these in turn influence what and how we design; a circular pattern of cause and effect flowing through the daily events of our lives in minute ways and informing our world view on a grand scale.

Using design to create well-planned, transformative solutions can result in positive ripples economically, socially, and environmentally. Let's talk about your ripple effect.

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