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Sea Change Design Process

Setting out to solve your challenge

We've developed three offerings that address challenges at different levels—the Scan, Sounding, and Journey. For each one, we suggest the type of challenge that is most appropriate, the focus and deliverables, and the team. We also diagram the combination of phase(s) and services that work well together. This lets you choose the depth and breadth of our efforts.

Our services are based on a modular system, so you can combine them strategically. At the core of these offerings you will find consulting and workshops, which can be augmented with design and coaching, and even keynote addresses, depending on your challenge. Each offering is based on the Sea Change Design Process, which can be scaled and customized to fit your needs, resources, and time requirements.

Consider this a starting point. For a more in depth assessment of the approach that best suits your challenge, or to develop a customized approach, please contact us.


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