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We coach executives, managers, and teams in leading change and innovation within their organizations and throughout their lives. By helping people become change agents; complex and critical challenges are transformed into viable, meaningful actions. As a bonus, people find themselves designing lives worth living. We cultivate creativity, passion, and potential by guiding people in making the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual levels of their lives congruent. We assist them in aligning their actions, values, and feelings with a deep sense of relevance and belonging.

We use a proprietary approach that can address a wide range of interpersonal and organizational issues including effective communications, conflict resolution, leadership development, team building, productivity, and transition management. Using the same tenets that the Sea Change Design Process is based on, we guide you in clarifying your intentions, becoming deeply aware of the context you are operating within, fostering key relationships that are critical to your success, and achieving the results you really want.

Typically, people we have coached report:

  • a willingness to "go outside the box,"

  • the ability to focus and move faster into appropriate and effective action,

  • increased ability to adapt to complex and changing circumstances,

  • a greater capacity to see the whole picture beyond their immediate concerns,

  • a better understanding of the cause and effects of their actions,

  • deeper awareness of the interconnections between their work and the world,

  • more respectful, productive relationships with co-workers,

  • a heightened sense of responsibility rather than a victim mentality, and

  • a shift from skepticism to open-minded curiosity.

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