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Client Case Studies

Today's complex challenges are not for the timid or tender—hearted. Yet, even for the most daring and committed, it helps to have innovative yet proven ways to navigate uncharted or turbulent waters. We use design as a compass to guide you towards the solutions you've been searching for—whether your challenges are strategic, human-centered, or focused on artifacts.

We believe that the best way to respond to complex and critical challenges is to proactively design sea changes—striking transformations that produce deep and lasting currents in your life, and in the world.

Our intention is to help you produce sustainable results in the areas of economic prosperity, design integrity, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship, simultaneously.

Sea changes generate powerful currents that:
. produce potent brands, products, and experiences;
. excite customers, enliven employees, and energize organizations;
. build cultures and communities; and
. enrich the environment.

Please contact us to explore ways we might design a sea change together. To begin, you might find it valuable to compare your challenge to ones from our past experience. For a closer look at these projects, see what we've changed.

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